Rozhovor pro ruský METAL MUSIC MAGAZINE


> Hello, Big Boss!
> I am very happy to be responsible for the interview with you & your
band... I'd say more - it's an honour for me, as I think your release Black
Seal to be unique! I am going to divide the interview into 2 parts... Today
I am sending you the 1st part of the questions. Later - the 2nd part, if you
don't mind...
> O'kay, let's start the interview...
> Questions.
> Unfortunately only your final output Black Seal is available in Russia...
It's fucking great!!! As for the rest of your releases - it's very difficult
to get them in the countries of the former USSR, I'd say more - they totally
unavailable... I am in the UK right now & managed to get on one of the sales
Cacophnous's re-release of Hell Symphony (killer!!!) for 4 pounds only! So
I've heard only 2 of your releases so far. Well I hope all your CDs will be
iussued in Russia through Irond records, which has a lisence of your label

O. K. we are three band mates here - Big Boss (voc.), Blackosh (guits) and
Igor (bass) and we are ready to answer all your questions. We hope too....
It depends on a cooperation between Redblack Productions and some local
label, for example IronD Records, you know.

> As far as I know you've released 6 full length CDs so far. But I've also
heard that you are working at new album right now. Could you share the
secret? What is the name of the new CD? How many songs? Who is going to be
the producer? (Or is it already recorded?) Are you going to develop your
unique style further? Etc...

The album is coming out in these days and the title is "Madness Of The
Graves". It?s been produced by ourselves, as usually. Let people (as well as
you) to measure how we?ve developed on that new album. We regard this album
as our the hardest and morbidest album in ROOT?s career. It?s been first
time when we used a 7strings guitars.

> How did you manage to create such an outstanding style with ROOT? It's no
easy matter to be original in metal music... What bands inspired you? What
are the roots of the ROOT? Actaully I know that a lot of excellent metal
bands were inspired by ROOT.

Blackie, the main composer, is very influenced by Big Boss? lyrics by which
he creates the music. We were inspired by some bands in eighties when ROOT
started. Now we are going on our own way. BigBoss is 52 years old which is
more than 25 years more than other band members and he?s influenced by the
music from 60? and 70? years. Yes, we know about Moonspell and Anathema.
Guys from Moonspell said it many times in interviews and our cooperation is
not on a base of a friendship only. For example Fernando, the singer of
Moonspell sang song "Salamandra" on previous album "Black Seal" and BigBoss
should participate as a guest on Moonspell?s album too but ?cause of
arranging and dramaturgic reasons he didn?t.

> I know that Fernando from MOONSPELL sang on one of your songs from Black
Seal... MOONSPELL is much bigger band than ROOT... How did you manage to get
Fernando? Or it was probably his idea? Is he also a fan of ROOT?

We are friends with Moonspell and planned it a long time before. They wanned
us to produce the first Moonspell?s album in the past for example. There
wasn?t a right song for him on previous albums yet but lyric of "Salamandra"
was written directly for Fernando. He?s a real fan of ROOT, of course.

> Your father is an outstanding musician. Why not invite him to record a
couple of musical pieces for ROOT? What does he think of your music? Did you
attend any school where you were taught how to sing? What other instruments
besids the drums can you play?

Thank you. He closed the album the fifth "The Book" with his majestic
composition "Dark Outro - Toccatta Prestissimo Molto". We would like to
cooperate with him more but he was born in 1924 so it?s not so easy already,
you know. My Father likes our music and the most of ROOT albums he
recomposed for a concert pianno. I am self-taught person and didn?t visit
any school or teacher. I can play drums and keyboards on which I compose the
music. All the ROOT members are self-taught persons.

> Unfortunately ROOT doesn't have its own web site in English. I don't
understand Chech, as well as the majority of our readers... Why not create a
site, dedicated to ROOT in English as well?

You have bad informations. We have the OFFICIAL WEB SITE ROOT:
www.root.netopyr.cz and you HAVE TO click on the button ENGLISH and there?s
all about ROOT in ENGLISH language!!!

> ROOT used to play with a great number of bands... What bands did you like
mostly to work with? And what - on the contrary? Have you toured a lot?

Yes, we played with many bands and we cooperate with some of them.

> About your lyrics... Well, I am not a satanist, I would consider myself to
be rather an atheist than a person belonging to any religion. But I think
your lyrics to be very interesting. Are you really so dedicated to satan? Do
you attend church of satan if there is any in your country? What do you
think of Crowely & his followers?

I?m a member of Church Of Satan and I?m as well a founder of Church Of Satan
in Czech Republic. This is for a very long talking but be sure that I?m no
fanatic or servant of anybody. I ?m a proud personality and I?m proud of
everything what we created with our band. My lyrics don?t describe our
devotion to Satan, they only describe Status Quo In Hell. Satan represents
something else for me than you suppose. It is absolutely clear energy for
me. Crowley was old drunk sicko and many his so called followers got caught.
Their mistake...

> I'd like to listen to your solo albums... Where & how can I get them? Are
they connected to ROOT somehow?

You can order all the albums of ROOT and solo projects through our web
site - Redblack Productions. www.redblack.cz There?s also new album CALES
"Uncommon Excursion" or EQUIRHODONT "Equirhodont Grandiose Magus". For
example the second album CALES "The Pass In Time" is released on IronD
Prods. too...

> Well, Big Boss. That's all for now... I will e-mail you the 2nd (much
bigger part) next week.
> Dark regards,
> Sam/ MM Magazine.
> That's great that you are on tour right now. With what bands are you
touring with?

It?s been a CZ tour with some CZ bands and it was fine.

> A couple of days ago I visited Paradise Lost's concert in London
(Astoria). They were fucking great! The sound was quite good & Nick Holmes
didn't fuck up the vocals at all! I took plenty of pictures of the band &
gonna make a review for MM Magazine. It was an unforgettable show! Have you
seen the guys alive?

I don?t know this band.

> A couple of questions regarding the 2 releases of Root I managed to hear.
Speaking about the lyrics of hell Symphony, I must say that you sang not
exactly the same words which were printed in the booklet of Cacophonous's
CD. You used the synonims of the words written there, but not the same
words... Why?

It?s a job of Cacophonous, not our. It?s pretty sad when a label does that
with no agreement of authors.

> Hell Symphony also contains a very original song Satan, where only you &
the drummer are involved. Who was the auther of this song?

I?m the author of this song. The drums were recorded by Me only. By the way,
there are recorded some guitars too but it?s sampled in an industrial sound
and just in a few moments. The similar composition is involved also on a new
album "Madness Of The Graves" but it?s more brutal and technically
excellent. I think you?ll like it.

> > Comparing Hell Symphony & Black Seal I must say that you almost got rid
of growls & grunts you used before, concentrating on clean voice. Yes, you
sing with clean voice wonderfully, but why do you use grunts so seldom now?

I use a growling only there where it fits to and where it responses to
general mood of a composition. So as Blackie goes out from my lyrics so I go
out from the music then. I guess that each singer should can sing clearly
and not only to scream, hehehe.

> As I've already said I heard Hell Symphony after Black Seal & was pretty
sure that H S contained material which was much worse than Black Seal... I
expected to hear much more primitive music at least... I was so surprised to
find out that I was wrong, as Hell Symphony is a masterpiece: from the 1st
song I recognized Root with its inique style in spite of the fact that there
was 10 years difference between the releases. If we take such bands as
Tiamat for instance, you will never say that the 1st & the last albums
belong to one & the same band... Your comments...

Thank you. It?s a pity you didn?t hear also another ROOT albums because each
our album is totally different in the way of lyrics, music and philosophy
and I think that it?s just our conception of band?s evolution.

> How would you characterize the style of Root? The majority of Root's fans
say that you play black metal, which's not truth, I think...

Oh, we don?t solve that and don?t think about it, you know. It?s a cause of
our fans. We diferentiate only good and a bad music. There?s also a great
different between a conception of a Black Metal from eighties and nowadays.
For us was for example Slayer a totally Black Metal band in the past.

> The question I must have asked at the beginning of the interview... Why
did you name the band "Root"?

Because, hehe! We get this question very often. It?s a real FAQ! We conceive
this name along with conceptional meaning of this word. So Root is ROOT!

> A sensetive question... As far as I know you're almost 50 years old. Did
you start your musical career at the end of 60ies? In what bands did you
play before Root? Aren't you tired of all this music?

I played about in 12 bands, it was mostly in a Blues and Rock genre. At
final we met with Blackie in a Rock band Vega (1987) and in ?88 we found out
ROOT. To name previous bands is unnecessary because nobody knows them.
Definitely, I don?t feel tired by the music. Contrariwise, music keeps me