Rozhovor pro NOCTURNAL



1.. tell us about your lastest piece of art to shed some light for we have
no current news about the band.

ROOT ´s last record is called „Madness Of The Graves“. This seventh album
contains 10 songs. You can find all the lyric at our web site. Those songs
are stories which are narrated by habitants of the graves to the man who is
wolking between graves and listening to these stories. Musically it´s a
Demonic Metal except to „The Last Gate“ which is my experimental composition
with vocals and drums only (!) and „Afterwards“ which is a classic ballad
with piano and vocal.

2.. do the members of the band take part of other musical projects?

Me, guitarist Ashok and bassist Igor. We recorded two albums with our
another band EQUIRHODONT: „Equirhodont Grandiose Magus“ and lately released
„Black Crystal“. It´s a different music from ROOT – a majestic Metal, Rock
music. We plan four albums because it´ s a huge story about Magus
Equirhodont who you can know from ROOT´s Kargeras“ album.

3.. do you consider decisive changes within the band in terms of ideology,
have taken place since your early days 'till today?

ROOT went through many changes mainly in the music because I write the
lyrics first and then we create the music as far. So the music is dependent
on the lyric concept. And the ideology of the band is still the same.

4.. what insight do you have about the southamerican movement?
have your ever listened the some Colombian stuff?

We do some interviews for Southern America´s  ´zines. I don´t know about any
band from Colombia ´cause I don´t listen to Metal bands, sorry...

5.. in your own words which shows have been remarkable and alongside with
which bands they were done?

ROOT played out hundreds of concerts during its existence so it´s really
difficult to remember some. Let me think... Of course, there are some great
festivals in Czceh Republic which feature ROOT every year like Night Full Of
Stars (one of biggest ones – 20.000 Rock and Metal fans!), Brutal Assault
and Open Hell Festival... We met many good bands at such festivals as
Mercyful Fate (I met with King Diamond and we talked a while which was
amazing for me), Slade and so on... Incredible was 2 Heavy 4 You Fest in
Swedish Falkenberg – we played with Lord Belial (hello friends!), Enslaved.
We have played out one show a few weeks ago at Prague – Lucerna Hall which
is the most famous hall for Czech artists of many generations already. That
was really interesting or us.

6.. which bands relonging to the old black metal school you consider to be
sticking around nowadays?

No bands:-)

7.. tell us about your work with red black productions.

We have collaborated over five years with this good, professional label.
They released our last three albums „The Book“, „Black Seal“ and „Madness Of
The Graves“. Now we have left this label and new ROOT´s record is going to
be released on Shindy Productions who released also EQUIRHODONT CDs.

8.. which has been the productions your identify your selves as a band,
perhaps the most rewarding work you can name as your landmark fulfilling
your expectations?

I do love all our albums, each our song is like our own child. I cannot see
any differencies between our recordings so... Each our work presents us as
the band.

9.. why did you decide to take the English language with the edition of
"hell symphony"?

It´s better for a singer to use this language for singing. Czech language is
really interesting and rich with its vocabulary but it is also a hard
language for the singing. That´s why I decided then for the English. Another
reason was that we wanned to spread our music worldwide and fans wouldn´t
understand our lyrics. But I am actually thinking about some Czech lyrics
for the future releases as well...

10.. we would like to know anything about the process of the video-clips
shooting and who of were involved in it's production.

Our last video clip „In The Heart Of Darkness“ is available on ROOT´s web
site www.rootan.net. It was shooted and directed by our friend Roman Matýšek
who made really professional video and it´s been released now also on
ROOT/TORR split DVD. We shooted this clip at one rock club in Brno (our home
town) and used some fire effects too. Just watch this video. ROOT shooted
also video clips „Hrbitov“ and „The Aposiopesis“ in the past.

11.. as one of the dioneer bands in the world's scene how o you see those
new bands whose sound and style display notorious similarities with the
bands of the past decades?

How I said already... I don´t listen to these new bands so cannot answer
anything. Anyway, it´s good if there are still new young maniax who try to
make this kind of music, of course.

12.. which topics or issues you prefer not to mention during an interview?

I hate question: How was the recording process of the new album? Hehehe...
That´s what I really hate! Otherwise, I answer all the questions and if a
journalist has some fantasy and tries to do an interesting questions, I
always appreciate this. You know, the interviews are very important for the
band´s career so we must do them...

  13.. any final input to Oberturas Nocturnas magazine and our readers (many
of them serious followers of root since the very starting line). keeping the

Wow, thank you for this information. It´s always good to hear there are some
fans of ROOT anywhere on the globe. We are happy with that. Thank you very
much for this interview, stay proud and Shemhamforash!!!

Your Big Boss