Rozhovor pro Legacy.

1. Please tell me something about the new album “Madness Of The Graves”.
Where do you see parallels and differences between it and the last album
“Black Seal”?

Boss: There are 10 compositions on this new album. Two of them are
absolutely different: “The Last Gate” which is played out with drums and
many voices only. And the piano song “Afterwards” which people call a
ballad. Rest of songs is a real hard Metal. Parallels can bee seen in the
guitar riffs and solos, as well as my vocals. Differences: the new stuff is
more catchy and harder with no compromises. And, of course, “Madness Of The
Graves” is time-shorter:-)

2. Please give me some information concerning the lyrical content of
“Madness...”. I know your lyrics treat with the darker side of life...

Big Boss: It´s a story about a dicky man who is going to the ancient
cemetary where he falls asleep beneath a tree and enters into the graves
during his slumber. Each of graves´ dwellers is telling their story to him.
These are very insane tales, that´s why “Madness Of The Graves”. There
appears also Great Magus Equirhodont somewhere on a hill and tells him a
story about a fight of Demons for The Last Gate. All the stories are
connected with a common denominator which is a Magic and Mysticism of the
ancient times... or coming yet? I don´t know...

3. What about the compilation “Dema”? What kind of material does it contain?

Igor: The 2CD ROOT “Dema” was released an year ago on my starting
independent label Lava Productions. This box contains all the ROOT demo
tapes from the end of eighties: Reap Of Hell, War Of Rats, Messengers From
Darkness and The Trial. Fans can listen to the ancient hymns of a Black
Metal Underworld during more than 130 minutes – Pisen pro Satana, 666,
Hrbitov or 7 Cernych Jezdcu in original sounding and more versions. There
wasn´t used any mastering, you can hear all the lacks from these hard times.
There´s been used also the bonus – original recording of ROOT´s  live
performance at Death Metal Session Festival vol. 2 (´88)! Big Boss on drums,
booklet full of rare pics...

4. Your first releases were very heavy and contained Black Metal in the
early vein. The last albums, especially “The Book” and “Black Seal” sound
very epic and Big Boss started to use clean vocals like an opera singer,
what reminds me of Candlemass. What are your main influences?

Big Boss: We started in ´87 with guitarist Blackosh and tried to play so
fast and hardly how we could do:-) That´s why the first album is a real
Black Metal if you wanna to call it with such words. But ROOT always wanned
to develop and not to stop on their Way. I am a great singer and cannot
scream samely on the seventh album as on the first one! We don´t feel any
influences and I don´t listen to any Metal music – only classic musicians as
Beethowen  or Wagner. However I like King Diamond very much from this genre.
We met personally at Czech festival Night Full Of Stars some years ago and
have good picture together.

5. Do you think Root have been a big influence for the Czech scene?

Big Boss: Definitely! We influenced many younger musicians and some of them
play ROOT songs as their cover versions nowadays. And not Czechs only! I´m
proud of this fact!

6. What can you say about the Czech scene? Are there few new bands (The
upcoming Legacy-issue will contain a special about the Eastern European

Igor: Czech scene is still growing up and there are many great bands,
concerts, festivals and magazines. If this Legacy´s issue will publish an
Eastern Erupean scene, I´m sure there will appear some good groups from our

7. Do you think that many Czech bands are able to stand the comparison with
international Metal-acts? What do the fans think?

Igor: Some of them sure. We played out some gigs in foreign countries
already and those shows were very succesful. ROOT appeared on one stage
along with Western bands and there weren´t any differencies in my opinion. I
guess we can go on a tour through the Europe tommorow.

8. Is it difficult to get the right equipment or a good album production?

Big Boss: When you have your own conception, then not. You can hear it on
our new album. It´s a very good Metal sound and we heard and read it from
many sound experts already.

9. You don’t do too much concerts. You were in Germany for two or three
times (I know about a concert with Desaster). What kind of experiences did
you make? Do you plan any gigs, especially in Germany, in the future?

Igor: We should play at Munchen – METAL MERIDIAN FESTIVAL in this October
and we look forward to the meeting with our friends Desaster over there
again! ROOT will play still more often in your country in the future – we do
believe this!

10. What are your wishes for the future in view of Root?

Big Boss: We wish to play out many gigs and record plenty of albums! I´m
preparing my the third solo album with Metal ballads in both languages –
English and Czech! Also the second album of our another band EQUIRHODONT
(me, Ashok on guitar and Igor on bass) will be recorded and released this
year. Stay proud and thanx for this interview!
Get in touch through: www.rootan.net, igorhubik@hotmail.com