2CD ROOT „Dema“ – Brand new 2CD of ROOT featuring all the demo tapes from the end of eighties + bonus in the form of the ROOT´s live appearance recorded at Death Metal Session Festival vol. 2 (Prague, ´88)! Listen to very original versions of the hit songs as 666, 7 Èerných Jezdcù, Høbitov and Píseò Pro Satana! Of course, the full coloured booklet with rare pics enclosed!!! 16 Euro/USD

CD „The Book“ – the fifth album, over 50 mins of the Dark Mystic Metal.
12 USD/Euro. CD „Black Seal“ – The sixth album of ROOT. Featuring Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) in a song „Salamandra“. CD contains 12 songs – 74 mins! 12 Euro/USD

2CD „Zjevení“ + „The Temple In The Underworld“ – the re-release of the first and the third album. Both remastered and with bonuses. „Zjevení“ is sung in Czech language! 15 USD/Euro

2CD „Hell Symphony“ + „Kargeras“ – the second and the fourth album re-released on double CD include bonuses – nowhere else featured new song „Prohibition“ and 4 live tracks! 15 USD/Euro

The Book Front.jpg (44061 bytes)    The Book Back.jpg (49462 bytes)

T-shirt „The Book“ – 12 USD/Euro (click on thumbnails to enlarge it)

Hell Symphony  Front.jpg (29501 bytes)    Hell Symphony Back.jpg (24980 bytes)

T-shirt „Hell Symphony“ 12 USD/Euro (click on thumbnails to enlarge it)
Long Sleeve „Hell Symphony“ – 15 USD/Euro

Postcard ROOT – you can have all four brands of ROOT postcards for 1Euro/USD

Poster ROOT A2 – monochromatic pics from the ROOT gig on the gloosy paper. 1 USD/Euro

Sticker ROOT – the coloured sticker (10 x 11 cm) with the „The Book“ artwork. 1 USD/Euro

Baseball Cap ROOT – the black baseball cap with the red „bloody“ ROOT logo. 12 USD/Euro

CD BIG BOSS „Belial´s Wind“ – the second solo album of ROOT singer. Real hellish Metal! 12 USD/Euro

CD CRUX „Øev Smrti“ – the ancient project of ROOT guitarist Blackie and ROOT drummer Evil. Real old fashion Black/Thrash Metal in the vein of Celtic Frost, Slayer... 12 USD/Euro

CD ENTRAILS „Serpent Seed“ – fast, demonic Black/Death Metal. Guitars and vocals – Blackie (ROOT), bass – Igor (ROOT). 12 USD/Euro

T-shirt ENTRAILS – Black t-shirt with the white artwork of the „Serpent Seed“ album. Front side only!
12 USD/Euro

CD CALES „The Pass In Time“ – another Blackie´s project. The second CALES album featuring over 50 mins of Celtic, majestic Metal. 12 USD/Euro

Send VERY WELL hidden cash or IMO (International Money Order) to the address written bellow. The prices include postage and package worldwide!!! NO TRADES HERE!

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