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Q 7

This album was recorded in 1994 (even if there is 1944 write down on the CD)
in " Audio Line " recording studio in Brno.
The album was generaly made by PC computer in my home, with a help of
computer expert Milan Rusek from Ostrava. Thanks a lot of him
for that great work.
Other guest musicians on this album was members of ROOT line up
from these days. They were Peter BLACKIE Hošek who recorded guitar tracks
to three songs , and Radim FRANZ Kafka who recorded guitar tracks
to one song. Background vocals in two songs has been roared
and spoken by Zdenek Kalibán , a friend of mine from one band from Litomyšl.
This album was well appreciated by listeners as well as critics.
There are 9 songs on this CD , every one in totally different style ,
which is actually my tribute to those music styles.
The last song has been recorded by Milan Rusek himself. The whole edition
was sold out , it was around eight thousand copies and it looks
there will be no reedition ever.
NOTE : You can find there the first version of the song Kärgeräs.



This album was recorded in studio " Poličná " in 1998. My bandmates were
Jarda GOAT Šumbera who recorded guitar and bass tracks.
He used to play in band Bethrayer. Guitar leads was recorded by David Uher
from Kroměříž - an excelent guitar player.
A former guitarist of ROOT Aleš Dostál can be found in two songs.
Drum tracks were programming on drum machine by Peter BLACKIE Hošek.
He was largely take part in recording keyboard tracks and whole album
was produced by him. I have to say that he did great work and i had not
exceptions to him. He is really drudge.
You can find 13 pure Black Metal songs on this CD. For the first time
i have to complain of conditions during studio recording.
No complains of the musicians of course.
I mean the studio iterior was in very bad condition which is similar to some
ghetto in Kamtchatka. Real horror ! Dirt , dirt and again...dirt.
For month i was cured myself from tetter which i was fall ill
of it there. And Blackie cure himself from it up to the present day.
I have to say i have never had experiences like that.
NOTE : You can listen to the famous song " Song For Satan " here in
english version and also the song " Shadow Of The Curse " from
demo tape " Messengers From Darkness "

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